We search far and wide to bring you the best vintage threads we can find, vintage items are becoming harder and harder to find so here are some easy steps you can take to look after your cherished vintage finds so they can live on for many years.

Always check the item is machine washable? (Often tags and instructions have been cut out or faded beyond recognition) You should always hand wash in cool water if in doubt. We suggest keeping machine washes to down 30 degrees — also you’re going to be more eco-friendly, far out kids! You should never wash embroidered silks or satins, your likely to end up with a multi-coloured garment that looks like someone’s barfed a psychedelic sick on your favourite item that all your friends were envious of! Or worse its in tatters that are beyond repair.
Wash your clothes less, vigorous and repeated washing damages the fibres of all clothes, there’s a reason your faded/jaded Alice Cooper T.Shirt got the way it did, but remember it’s only got so many more washes and wears before time catches up with it, there’s no rehab for your clothes. Try to dry your clothes flat on a towel; hanging wet clothes will cause them to stretch out of shape.
If you choose to dry clean your vintage items make sure that they are durable enough to go through the process, find out what is involved in the process your clothes are going to go through, you wouldn’t put your granny on a roller-coaster, would you? Always use a reputable dry cleaner that has knowledge of your item, or comes recommended.
Repair rips or tears immediately, they will only get bigger and more likely to snag and tear on something further, then big trouble in little China! Attend to stains immediately especially from an oil based problem. Don’t yank at zips. If a zip is sticking lube it with a zipper lube. If material is caught in the zipper move the zip up rather than down to set free.
Keep your vintage items in a dry dust free place out of direct sunlight, don’t display your clothes like trophies for all to see, they will be damaged by humidity, damp or even sunlight, they will also be prone to invasions of creepy crawlers and fiber munching winged assassians. Hang clothes on wooden or padded hangers, metal hangers can stretch or misshape the item or even leave rust stains on your clothes.
Search & Destroy recommends you to wear your vintage clothes with the style and spirit they deserve, they are the past, they are the future and they are a part of you now.